I Shelby CSX and MK II 289

CSX 4000Shelby Cobra CSX 6000, CSX 7000, MK II FIA and
289 Slabside Installation Kit:

  • Poly-urethane motor mounts, developed by Olthoff Racing
  • Transmission mount
  • Balanced drive shaft with Grade 10 fasteners
  • Clutch slave cylinder kit with bracket, fork, braided line.
  • External oil adaptor with fittings
  • Heater and vacuum fittings
  • Speedometer cable and gear
  • Battery
  • Fluids and fasteners
  • Plus additional parts

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Installation Labor:
CSX Install

  • Preparation of engine and transmission.
  • Dial indicate bellhousing
  • Engine and transmission fitted with all required wiring and plumbing
  • 4-wheel alignment
  • Includes header completion
  • Chassis Modifications
  • Detailed photos of installation
  • Test fit convertible top and windows
  • Road Test
  • Final Detailing

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Please call us for recommendations on engine and transmission packages.  We know what works.