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We offer properly prepared, competitive, vintage race cars available to qualified drivers.

Superformance GT-40


In 2003, Superformance decided to venture into the GT-40 reproduction market. In May 2005, the first prototype was air freighted to the US and appeared at various shows to wide acclaim. In December 2005, Dennis Olthoff tested the first production car in South Africa. Various upgrades and changes followed before full production started in February 2006. From 2006 to 2009, Superperformance produced150 street cars (80 of which Olthoff Racing finished). Olthoff Racing upgraded #002 – the first production car -- to ‘R’ specifications. This GT-40 is available for any of the SVRA and HSR events.

This car has won many HSR and SVRA races and has proven to be reliably fast.

This car is for advanced drivers.

Superformance Cobra

Cobra MK III

In the 60s, the Shelby Cobra 427, also known as the AC Cobra, was the fastest and most exciting sports car on American roads. With only 1,000 ever built -- and a handful being the ultra-rare Shelby Cobra 427 S/C version -- originals have commanded prices of over $1 million.

Here is your chance to feel what drivers like Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney and Bob Olthoff experienced.

This Superformance Cobra was the PPG Pace car for two years at Indy Car Events. The car has now been upgraded to vintage specifications. This car will run in SVRA Group 11 and HSR Group 5.

This car is for intermediate to advanced drivers.

GSM Dart/Delta

GSM Dart

Built by Glass Sport Motors, just over 116 Darts and 128 Flamingoes (closed car) were built from 1958 – 1964. The racing successes at Goodwood, Silverstone, Aintree, Claremont, Ferrand etc. astonished many, including Colin Chapman who could not understand how such a simple design could beat his Lotus Seven.

Our GSM Dart, pictured to the left, won SVRA's National Championship at COTA in 2014.  Powered by Ford 4-cylinder engines, it is extremely reliable and easy to drive.

This is the ideal car for a beginner to experience vintage racing.

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