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I Bob Olthoff Racing History

Bob Olthoff Racing HistoryGalaxy at Killarney

Bob Olthoff...quick witted, humorous, intelligent, strong willed...some might say stubborn.  I remember at age five hanging out in the workshop with my father.  I spent most of my time watching and learning.  If it was broken, Dad was the one to fix it.  He would often say, "If someone put something together, I can take it apart and put it back together."  I specifically remember driving to Kyalami in the Galaxy, being towed down the road, now that was fun.  Plenty of years were spent with my Dad, building and rebuilding all different kinds of cars for various people.  Working side by side with him throughout the years, a lot of his expertise rubbed off on me and some would say a little of the stubborness as well.  We have posted some news articles and plenty of pictures from his racing career.  Hope you enjoy them.